Vardan Haroyan, Co-Founder, CEO

Vardan holds an MSc degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Management from the Business School of the University of Nottingham, which he graduated in 2018 and an MSc in Finance degree from the Yerevan State University (Armenia). Vardan has ten years of professional experience in the Banking Sector, as a financial analyst, head of the divisions of Sales, CRM and the division of attracting multi-million-dollar investments from International Finance Institutions. Vardan has been inspired by the idea of revitalizing the old elements of Armenian traditional clothes from a young age and has a passion for saving the endangered national cultural treasures.

Gohar Shakhparyan, Co-Founder, COO

Gohar has an MBA degree from the Said Business School, University of Oxford. She also has a Master of Economics, Management Information Systems degree from the Yerevan State University (Armenia). Gohar has ten years of professional work experience in Sales, Marketing, and Operations in the Retail sector. She has been in a family business from a very young age, has initiated a number of social campaigns and projects, and has completely changed the culture and philosophy of the family business. Gohar has a drive and passion for saving the almost dead cultural heritage of the world by modernizing the old elements of the clothes of different countries and bringing them back from the showcases of the museums to the streets in a stylish way.

Anna Avetisyan, Head of Production

Anna, the head of the production of Bezzoar, has graduated from the faculty of Decorative Applied Arts of the Armenian State Pedagogical University. She wrote both her Bachalorer’s and Master’s theses on Armenian traditional costumes (Peculiarities of National Costumes of Syunik-Artsakh regions of Armenia and Peculiarities of National Costumes of Van-Vaspurakan regions of Armenia). While her education has given her deep insight into the aesthetic value of designs, her ten years of working experience has contributed to her awareness of current textile sustainable production and consumption processes, techniques and of the future of smart-textiles developments.